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About Us

Tosha Trek Safari

Is a Tanzania registered Tourism Company was established in 2010, We are experience company that is operating in Arusha Tanzania East Africa. Upon of the following motto, “ Tosha trek is a friend of safaris and Every Adventure is a unique for every single time” We specialize in both safaris and camping safaris includes budget camping safaris and luxury camping safaris in the wilderness areas. We also offers Mountainous treks / climbing or hills hiking, beaches holidays, Cultural tourism, Historical sites, Walking adventures in Maasai remote land in Tanzania.

We provide a substantial hospitality services for our clients with efficiency and effectively, that it will be most complete affordable and complete the value of what you are paying, We convenient arrange a truly memorable and fascinating holiday safaris and adventure tour to your destination of choice in Africa nature land.

Our Safari Guides

All our Safari guides are highly experienced professionals with an in depth knowledge of all Tanzanian game parks and the amazing wildlife contained therein. All our guides are licensed safari guides and provide the finest details that continually enhance your safari experience. Tosha trek has 23 Lead Guides.

To be selected as a Tosha trek Lead Guide they must each have:

  • A minimum of 7 years experience on the mountain
    • Over 150 summits • All of our Lead guides speak English, with some guides speaking several other languages
    • They are all Wilderness First Responder Certified, with education in treatment for High Altitude Cerebral, Pulmonary Edema and Acute Mountain Sickness
    • CPR certified with all the necessary skill sets to lead and guide successful Kilimanjaro Expeditions. Our Lead guides are also responsible for overseeing our Assistant guides, and all of the logistics contained on the mountain and keep Tosha trek running smoothly.
    • All Tosha trek and Assistant Guides are Certified and Licensed by the Tanzania National Parks.

Lead Guides and Assistant Guides:

  • All our Guides are registered TANAPA Licensed guides to climb Kilimanjaro. Our lead Guides function as the leader of the trek, responsible for the safety and success of each client. Depending upon group size they direct the team of Assistant Guides, porters and cooks. They set the pace for the climb, monitor the health of our clients and communicate daily updates back to our main office.

Our Chefs

  • We require our trained chefs to completely clean and sanitize all meals and snacks while on the mountain and on the safari as well. They pay particular attention to the preparation and selection of menu items while on the mountain as well as planning the current day and next day ahead menu; as calorie intake and hydration have a direct correlation on a trekkers physical stamina and ability to continue at altitude. They can also make special arrangement for vegetarian meals or any other special dietary needs.

Our Porters

  • As you will see in the first steps of the treks of the climb to the last steps off the route, porters are the life blood of Kilimanjaro Safari. We ensure our porters are restricted to 15kg~33lbs and do our best to maintain a high wage to make sure they are adequately compensated for their efforts. They perform incredible balancing acts carrying loads from camp to camp, setting up personal tents and group tents prior to your arrival, and often times ushering you into camp with warm songs of welcome.
    • It takes our complete team of Lead Guides, Assistant Guides, Chefs, Waiters and Porters to make a successful expedition and Tosha trek is privileged to have the finest carefully selected staff on the Mountain.
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